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Fast Turn Around & Large Inventory
Fast Turn Around & Large Inventory

Fire Extinguisher 2.5lb V-Brac

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  • Dry chemical steel fire extinguisher comes with hose and wall mounting bracket.
  • Class ABC Fire Extinguishers smother Class A, Class B and Class C Fires.
  • Class A Fires are most common in home and offices. They involve ordinary combusitbles such as wood, paper, cloth, rubber, trash, and other common materials.
  • Class B Fires involve flammable liquids and gases - natural and manufactured gas, oil, gasoline, grease paint, lacquers, tars and other synthetic or oil-based products. They're very explosive, spread rapidly, and ca be re-ignited by heat even after the flames are out.
  • Class C Fires are those involving live electircal equipment, such as wiring, controls, telephone or data processing panels, and motors. They can start with a spark, a short circuit, or a power surge and often in places hidden from sight.