Reusable Splash Protection Face Shield

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Price:$12.00 ea


• Ideal for splash protection against liquids and body fluids for health care workers, first responders and in food processing applications
• Safeguards against splash and dust in a wide range of general use applications
• Easy-to-install/replace window – quickly snaps on or off the headband for maximum convenience
• Extra-large full-face coverage for superior protection – check and compare!
• Reusable design – significantly reduces landfill waste and saves on disposal costs!
• Window features an anti-fog coating not found on most other face shields – keeps your vision clear and safe!
• Baseball cap style pinlock head strap ensures quick and easy adjustments – just set it and forget it!
• Window and headband made with recyclable materials and are both replaceable
• A premium yet cost effective face shield solution – a Jackson Safety exclusive!
• Not designed for use in high impact applications
All the components are latex-free

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